Who Uses Elephant Doc

ElephantDoc For

Sales Teams

  • Deliver high-quality proposals.
  • Track activity and client updates on the proposal.
  • No more searching for past content for proposals.
  • Track your success rates & plan for future.
  • Accurate close rates for sales members.
  • Single Communication window for the client and your team members.

An Intelligent & Smarter tool for Sales Closure.

Gather client interest like never before.

  • Avoid negative interactions

    Sales personnel will interact with a prospect multiple times during various stages of the sales cycle. Such interactions although are a deliberate effort to gauge the clients interest on a proposal, most of these interactions may prove pointless if the client has least interest. These avoidable customer touch points could also become a deal breaker for some prospects, and become a hindrance for future communications. Elephant Doc has an amazing client intelligence gathering feature that provides the sales person reports on client interest and notifications on client interactions on the proposal. This can be used wisely so that every interaction with a client produces meaningful value for the sales team.

  • Improved Performance

    Meeting targets is a critical evaluation metric for every sales personnel. Elephant Doc allows each sales personnel to improve upon his previous closures by helping him set benchmarks, best practices by evaluating lost and past interactions. This will allow him to take pro-active steps to ensure targets are achieved and strategize on the actions to be taken to close better deals.

  • Periodic Follow-ups

    Periodic and sensible communication is a major part of the last mile sales process. Timely follow-ups are a major boost to developing a good customer relationship that would ultimately lead to better sales generation. Communications through Elephant Doc can always be viewed on the timeline and is also alerted as notifications on the desktop. This helps sales team to prepare & follow up with a client almost immediately. Sensible follow-ups, regular communications, and effective client tracking will help to create a longer customer lifecycle.

  • Reference Points

    Elephant Doc is a cloud platform that stores all proposals on a secure cloud and can be accessed anytime. This would be of great assistance to a salesperson who would have to access previous proposals for reference to create newer or similar proposals for a different client. Using Elephant Doc any user can create a standard format of proposals which can be accessed by other users to create proposals for similar product offerings. Elephant Doc also features an exhaustive format of proposal templates that can be referenced to create proposals of your choice. It also helps you to create & save modules that can be inserted to multiple proposals. For E.g.; a module can be created to summarize your android capabilities and this can be used in all your proposals for mobile development.

  • Activity Interaction

    Interactions both with the client and with other members of the team are always available for the salesperson to cross check .A timeline of all the interactions and updates to the document can be viewed on a single screen. The timeline lists all messages, update history and files shared between members and the client. Interactions between team members are marked private and are visible only to the desired user.


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