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Empowering Customers

  • Common interface communication platform & proposal viewer.
  • Collaborate with sales teams and discuss the proposal.
  • Accept or Decline Proposals in Elephant Doc.

the Customer - Simplified

Hassle free client engagement platform for Sales Negotiations

  • Secure Delivery

    Elephant Doc has a secure document delivery process to ensure that all communications to the client are confidential. Every client will be authenticated to view a sales proposal only with the help of an auto-generated random key. This ensures that critical data is always protected from data theft and processed only by the desired users.

  • Better Communication platform

    No other sales platform leverages the potential of direct client communications as Elephant Doc does. Elephant Doc allows the sales team to directly interact with the client on the same platform without the client having to install any third party applications. This is ideal for nontech-savvy consumers whose only knowledge of It would be Email and Word processing. The Elephant Doc platform requires only an email address for the client as a prerequisite to initiating a discussion on the proposal.

  • Any time access

    Customers will have the option to access the proposal from anywhere and at any time as it is hosted on a cloud server. The client will also be able to comment on the proposal and provide relevant or required information which will be instantly updated to the sales team.

  • Add multiple team members

    B2B sales may often require multiple members of the customer’s team to interact discuss and arrive at a possible common ground before closing a deal. These multiple members would also have to disc.


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