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Client Analytics, Performance Reports, Remarketing & Much more

Sales tools, software & CRM’s are typically designed to optimise & streamline the sales process. Yet there are no applications that cater to every phase of the sales cycle. Even big budget integrated marketing and sales platforms generally fail to address all phases of a sales cycle. Most cater to the initial stages such as prospecting and lead management & the later stages such as Customer Relations, customer retention etc. There are very few that efficiently address the huge vacuum in the middle i.e. Sales discussions, Proposals and Objection handling. Also, most applications have conveniently left out the sales documentation part as well. ElephantDoc tries to bridge this gap by empowering sales teams with a tool that is capable of creating a collaborative work environment for internal teams & initiate discussions with the client on the most crucial last mile of your sales process and help you win more deals.

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Elephant doc provides you all the basic analytics to improve your last mile sales process. You will have access to analytics regarding client activity on a proposal, such as proposal views, downloads & messages. ElephantDoc will also help you gauge client interest in your product by linking remarketing and web tracking to your proposals. Analytics regarding member activity such as- the number of proposals sent, accepted or in discussions, as well as revenue & forecasts on sales closures can be gauged.

Stunning Proposal Template

Users can create & design templates that can be reused. Templates will be stored and made accessible to all users in the organization so that they can Elephant Doc also has an inbuilt stack of templates that can be downloaded to create wonderful proposals. Templates allow you in saving time & effort to create proposals offering similar product offerings & services.

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Smart tags

Smart tags are an ideal feature for replacing words in a proposal template. A template may be used multiple times for sending proposals to different clients. The word that needs to replace in the template, for E.g.; Client name, Date etc.; can be marked using smart tags.


Modules help proposal creators save a lot of effort and time. Modules are sections that can be created by individual users and saved so that these can be inserted in future proposals. Modules can be created & inserted to any number of proposals using the Elephant Doc plugin in M.S word.

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Sales Teams will be instantly notified when the client views or downloads a proposal. By adding a web tracking code, the salesperson can also track the client’s activities on the website as well. Higher management will also be provided with sales related insights such as sales closures, proposals in discussion, monthly sales revenue etc.

Communication Timeline

ElephantDoc has a wonderfully constructed timeline that displays every activity done on the proposal by any member. Messages between members, proposal edits, version updates, and analytics can be viewed on the timeline. Messages within the organization can be made private as well.

Web tracking & Remarketing

Organisations can link the proposals they send to the client with remarketing and web tracking codes. Remarketing codes will persuade clients to review your proposal by pushing your products or service to them whenever they go online. Web tracking gives insights on client interest in your product or services by tracking activity on websites that are linked from your proposal.

User management and Performance Evaluation

Elephant Doc allows admins to manage the workflow, assign sales related tasks and track the sales progress made by each user. Hierarchical privileges will allow the evaluation of individual members on their last mile sales activities on metrics such as the number of sales closures, revenue generated, proposals in discussions, rejected proposals, client activity etc.

Role based privileges

Elephant Doc supports organizational hierarchy management and allows managers or higher management to assign roles and privileges for individual users and create teams managed by them. All the details including performance evaluation data of team members under them can be accessed by managers any time. Individual users will be restricted as per the privileges assigned to them by their managers.


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