Who Uses Elephant Doc

ElephantDoc For

Sales Managers

  • Access to all last mile sales process in real-time.
  • Help you with realistic targets from sales teams.
  • Assign tasks and organize your team.
  • Performance evaluation of sales team.
  • Accurate close rates for sales members.
  • Access to all sales proposals at anytime.

Delivering Holistic Insights on
Last Mile Sales

Achieve better win rates with smarter features.

  • Faster & better Communication

    Elephant Doc has features that allow a sales manager to efficiently communicate with his team members regarding his tasks, sales activities or on client-specific proposals. Communications can also be initiated by a client or a client’s team member to discuss his requirements and negotiate price and other aspects of the proposal.

  • Timeline of activities

    A sales manager will be able to gather all information relating to the progress of a potential prospect. Elephant Doc will display a timeline of activities for a specific proposal. This information is valuable in understanding the future steps to be taken to close the sale and assigning tasks to relevant members. The timeline of activities will display all the changes made to the document, including version updates, team communications, and client activities, interactions etc.

  • Track sales tasks

    From cold prospecting to sales closures, a sales manager has had many tasks and responsibilities that they often feel as though they are being pulled in a million different directions. Elephant Doc platform allows sales managers to assign responsibilities and tasks to his team during the last mile of the sales cycle and ensure timely accomplishment of these tasks. Sales managers can pro-actively assign responsibilities to his team members and keep track of its progress and completion. Elephant Doc will provide him a holistic & realistic view of what is happening on current sales tasks and what should be done to improve the top line.

  • Effective Collaboration with other teams

    Apart from the sales team, the sales managers would need to collaborate with other members such as business analysts, technical teams etc. to finalize a proposal or a sales related document. Elephant Doc allows the sales managers to invite other members to collaborate on the document, so as to ensure that the proposal effectively and accurately addresses all the aspects of the product/ solution offered to the client.

  • Performance Evaluation

    Elephant Doc platform allows sales managers to track the progress made by each member of the sales team. It allows him to view real-time update on the status of each prospect, thereby enabling him to get a realistic overview and a projection on the immediate future sales. He can also view the performance of a member over a specific period of time and use the info and metrics available to take strategic or tactical decisions to improve his team’s performance.


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